January 09, 2020

BBC Music Magazine reviews Telemann’s Garden

“The warm rapport of this Quartet with Telemann’s deftly crafted and idiomatic instrumental writing ensures an hour of uninterrupted pleasure.”

 “Telemann’s Garden” performed by Elephant House Quartet has been reviewed on BBC Music Magazine – January 2020 edition! Read a glimpse of the review below!

“The music is drawn from the five collections of instrumental music that Telemann published in a period between 1726 and 1738. It need not worry us, unduly, that two of the works here were written expressly for the transverse flute, since Bolette Roed is an outstanding recorder player. Her accomplished technique and musical empathy ensure fluency and stylistic propriety in the A minor Suite from the ‘Six Concerts et Six Suites’ of 1734 and the G major Quartet from the ‘Parisian Nouveaux Quartours” of 1738.” 

Nicholas Anderson

Read the full review on BBC Music Magazine