February 20, 2023

Holland Baroque is praised by Gramophone for their ‘Bachs Königin’

“An intriguingly organised album from Holland Baroque.” 

Bachs Königin performed by Holland Baroque, received a wonderful review in Gramophone March 2023 Issue!

“The title of the album, ‘Bachs Königin’, refers to the proverbial ‘queen of instruments’, the organ, though this is a title which through the centuries has also been conferred upon the lute and the violin. The Steenbrinks have transcribed Bach’s works for organ for the smallish orchestral forces of Holland Baroque, and have even created a concerto by combining BWV592 and BWV974 – the latter being Bach’s transcription of the famous Adagio from Marcello’s Oboe Concerto. In this arrangement, violinist Judith Steenbrink takes on the mournful melody of Marcello’s oboe – or Bach’s right hand on the keyboard – with tender touch. The ensemble’s assertive palpitations provide an animated backdrop, and the closing tierce de Picardie is like being wrapped in cashmere.

But nothing is lovelier than the album’s very opening. Holland Baroque begin with an arrangement of Bach’s Organ Sonata No 5 in C, BWV529, conjuring a sumptuous sense of benevolence. There is so much inthe texture to enjoy: the violins articulate with a charming naivety, there’s impressively expansive bassoon-playing from Wouter Verschuren, and the general zest and zing is infectious.

Review by Mark Seow

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