the ultimate surround sound experience

PentaTone Music B.V. is founded in 2001 by three former executives of Philips Classics (one of the classical music labels of Universal) together with Polyhymnia International (the former recording center of Philips Classics).

The founders of PentaTone believe that 5-channel surround sound will gradually replace today’s stereo sound, because surround sound provides an extra dimension to the musical experience. Hearing is believing. Not only the artists and the audiophiles are convinced. Everybody who attends a demonstration confirms that the experience is more natural and superior compared to stereo sound.

PentaTone’s plans to create a new classical catalogue superbly recorded (by Polyhymnia International) starting with the most famous works, performed by top classical artists such as: Kent Nagano, Yakov Kreizberg, Mikhail Pletnev, Alexander Vedernikov, Sir Neville Marriner, Paavo Järvi, Pepe Romero, Julia Fischer, Vesko Eschkenazy, Mari Kodama, The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, The Russian National Orchestra, The Wiener Symphoniker,the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, the Bolshoi Opera and many others.

A very special new recording is the new version of "Peter and the wolf" coupled with a new work "Wolf tracks12". For more info please click the wolf cover in the left margin on our home page. This recording won a Grammy Award.

PentaTone plans to record 20 albums per year. PentaTone will release all its recordings on hybrid Super Audio CD (SA-CD). This is a CD with two layers. The first layer carries the traditional CD signal and the second layer the surround sound signal. Consumers who buy hybrid SA-CDs and do not yet have a player with the SA-CD-feature can play them on their traditional CD-players and can already start building a catalogue in the new format before they have purchased a SA-CD or combi-player. A combi-player is a player which is capable of playing DVD-video, Super Audio CD as well as traditional CD. Many of these players have a built-in amplifier and are offered with 6 speakers (including sub-woofer) at a competitive price (as from _ 500 for the complete set of player, speakers and sub-woofer).

PentaTone has licensed (from the Decca Music Group) the quadraphonic recordings which were made in the seventies by Philips Classics. The quadro system was not successful because of flaws in the playback equipment. However today’s SA-CD equipment is capable of reproducing these spectacular recordings the way they were originally intended. Polyhymnia has remastered these recordings for release on SACD. This series is called "RQR" (Remastered Quadro Recordings). PentaTone will release 10-15 of these recordings per year. For more info please click "RQR" on the homepage of our site.

Outside the USA the PentaTone recordings are distributed through software channels (record shops) by Codaex (Larenstraat 58, 3560 Lummen, Belgium; ) and its sub-distributors. Distribution through hardware channels is available through Van den Hul B.V. and its sub-distributors. In the USA PentaTone’s distribution partner is Naxos

Polyhymnia International is a recording studio specialising in high-resolution 5 channel surround sound recordings of classical music. It has a stellar reputation for the quality of its recordings. It has made many demonstration recordings for Sony and Philips, the inventors of the Super Audio CD format. All PentaTone’s new recordings are made by Polyhymnia. For more info: